“Swing”tionary (casual terms to learn)

“Swing”tionary (casual terms to learn)

420: an individual who is marijuana friendly

AC/DC: anybody who enjoys both the sex that is same opposite gender intercourse; Bi; Bisexual.

ADULT: Sexually oriented material; Pornographic

Each CULTURES: individual or few whom enjoys any and all sorts of fetishes and intimate tasks.

UNITED STATES COMMUNITY: the person on top, basic missionary position.

ANAL INTERCOURSE /GREEK SOCIETY: rectal intercourse; “Butt material. ”

ANALINGU: Oral contact or stimulation of this rectum of 1 partner by kissing, licking, or drawing associated with the other; “Eating ass. ”

ARTS: Euphemism for fetishes.

BANGOVER: when you experience a wicked hangover and your pussy hurts. Often an indicator of a night that is good.

BAREBACK: Intercourse without having a condom

B&D, B/D, or BDSM: discipline and bondage; utilization of various ways to restrain some body while administering control, often carried out by a “master” to his/her “servant.

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